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Chicken Sadia ,Sara Chicken, Chicken Boss, Chicken Bon , Chicken Wilki, turkeys, beef tripe, beef tenderloin, SI Meat, Meat Topside, AR Meat, Meat AV, Turkey Wings, Chicken Wings , beef livers, beef cheeks, Lungs beef, beef kidneys, beef head, turkey tails, chicken breast, Granja Chicken, Chicken Palmali, Fish Mackerel, Malwa fish, Fish Ocean Queen, Fish Tilapia, Chicken Sausage Sadia, Martadela Chicken, crumbed Chicken Fingers Sadia, Sadia Nuggets crumbed Chicken, Half chicken;


Rice Thailand Lion, White Sugar, Brown Sugar, Salt Iodine SOCIMEX, Corn flour Dona Maria, Jolait milk powder, Popcorn;


sardine Africa Queen, Anny Sardine, Sardine Josiane, pilchards Africa Queen, Pilchard The Crown, Pilchard Josiane, corned beef Africa Queen, Corned Beef Bravo, Exeter Corned Beef, Corned Beef Rio Corned beef Crown , Luncheon Africa Queen beef, luncheon beef Rio;


Candles, The Crown concentrated tomato, peeled tomatoes Crown, Africa Oil, Oki Oil, Insecticide Kiltox, Condensed Milk Floriane, Yeast Eagle Deline Margarine, Mayonnaise Early morning, Mono sodium Royal Moto, Mosquito Coil Lion, Golden Apples, Granny Smith apples, Mackerel, Baby Diapers Puffix, Brown Scotch, Scotch Transparent, Licco Macaroni, Macaroni Crown, Crown Spaghetti, Spaghetti Licco, eggs, onions, salted fish ,solo solo and others.